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I keep being told by some people that I need to start uploading some of my "furry" content (even if it's just ears and tails) to sites like e621 and Furaffinity if I want to get good suggestions on how to improve the appearance of the fur and furry aspects of my characters... But... Aren't those known for pornographic content?

I try my best to keep my art at least relatively clean. Yeah, I admit, I have drawn some risque material in the past, but I don't usually post that stuff online. I like to think that I have a bit of a reputation for somewhat clean art, and I'm afraid that going to one of these websites will tarnish what little reputation I have.

On the other hand, though... I get little to no acknowledgement here. It makes it hard to post art when nobody seems to notice it, and I REALLY need to get some feedback- positive or negative. And it is true that most of my characters do fall into the "furry" category to some extent (Kaldra, Mirah, Miron, and some extra stuff I do on the side from my actual OC). Posting on a site like this MIGHT get me a little more noticed, and I could get the feedback I'm looking for. My tails look like crap, to be honest, and I'm not sure I'm handling the ears of my characters right either. I'm still experimenting with what I think is good and what I think is crap, and this site isn't really helping me at all with that.

Still, though, I'm afraid not only for my reputation, but what going on a site typically known for pornographic content will do to my self-schema. If I am consistently surrounded by this form of material, what if I begin to become desensitized to it, and start lacking a care for my preferences against drawing lewd images? I like to be able to look at people, and say "I am an anime artist." I don't want to tell someone I draw anime, only for them to turn around and look up my work and affirm the age-old stereotype of anime equating to pornography. And even if I don't become desensitized and start drawing hentai, what if someone looks up my art on google or something (which some people have done) and get linked to a site that is predominantly pornographic? If you look up "Michaleon" on google, you get linked to my facebook page and here. In the future, though, if I start posting to something like e621 and people find that, what will they think of me as an artist?

Perhaps I'm just letting my anxiety catch me up, or perhaps I'm in the right to these beliefs... But that's why I'm turning to you guys (whoever may actually respond) and hope that you can help. What should I do?

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